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Due to my ongoing health problems, SWGA Boxer Rescue has been dissolved. We have been able to help many Boxers and other breeds find forever, loving homes and I appreciate everyone who worked so hard with me to help save these babies.

For those of you looking to place your dogs with a rescue group in Georgia, or for those of you in Georgia looking to adopt, please contact Angie Persch at Rockin' P Rescue of Alabama and Georgia Angie is a wonderful person who has the best interest of the dogs at heart and she can be trusted to either help find a perfect boxer for your family or to find your boxer a new forever home if some circumstance is preventing you from keeping him or her. I want to personally thank everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts as I battle these health issues in my life. Please continue to support Boxer Rescue and help when you can but KNOW YOUR RESCUERS!! I am aware of new rescues starting in Georgia that may not have the best interest of the dogs at heart. Georgia also licenses it's Puppy Mills so please keep that in mind and make sure you receive good references when you adopt a boxer from a rescue. Please contact Rockin' P and Angie Persch if you need help placing or adopting a boxer.

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We work together with Florida Boxer Rescue to
facilitate adoptions to other states on their behalf.
Please visit their website to see available boxers in Florida.

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